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Shalom! - Welcome to the Hebrew Root Website

[The Jews] were made God's children,
the Sh'khinah (Divine Presence) has been with them,
the covenants are theirs,
likewise the giving of the Torah,
the Temple service and the promises;
the Patriarchs are theirs;
and from them, as far as His physical descent is concerned,
came the Messiah, who is over all.
Praised be ADONAI for ever! Amen.
(Romans 9:4-5)

Hebrew Root exists to help believers in Yeshua (Jesus) to understand & restore the true roots of their faith. 

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Why Should believers in Jesus care about their Hebrew Root?


  • To experience a deeper love & passion for God.

  •  To develop a greater understanding of Scripture.

  •  To understand the relevance of Torah today! 

  •  To understand the importance of the Feasts that Jesus celebrated.

  •  To confront to pagan influences entering the Church

  •  To Confront false / anti-Semitic Teaching


Hebrew Roots and Messianic 101

How salvation by grace and following the Torah don't contradict.

What Does the Bible Say About the Torah?

Why the New Covenant Doesn’t Do Away With the Torah

Is Messianic Judaism Talmudic?  (Conversely, was Yeshua a Pharisee?)

The Way of Paradise: Rabbinic Hermeneutics

Differences between a Hebrew Roots Church and a Messianic Jewish Synagogue

The Messiah in Jewish Prayer

Weekly Parashah Commentary

A weekly look at what the Torah teaches us, always with an eye to its goal.


Parashah 1: B'resheit
Parashah 2: Noach
Parashah 3: Lekh L'kha
4: Vayera
5: Hayyei-Sarah
6: Tol'dot
7: Vayetze

Judaism 101

Explaining life beneath the beanie. 


What are the primary theological differences  between Judaism, Messianic Judaism, and Christianity?

What is the Torah?

What is the Talmud?

Motivation for keeping Torah

613 Mitzvah (Commands)  

The Names of G-d?

Is Jehovah the name of G-d?

Jewish Rabbi's who believe Yeshua is the Messiah


God's Palm Pilot

How the Eternal One tells us His plan of salvation by "forcing" us to party.

The Feasts and the Exodus 

The Seven Feasts of Adonai  

The Fall High Holy days


Prophecy For Today

. . . and Yesterday

. . . and Tomorrow

The Slinky approach to Biblical prophecy.


Types of Prophecy, Prophetic Types

The Major Prophetic Systems

The Feasts and the Exodus

First Thoughts on Visiting Israel

The Messiah in Genesis

Psalm 27: Countdown to Yom Teruah (new)

Yeshua and the Echad

Exploring the Divine nature of the Messiah while avoiding the errors of modalism, docetism, Niceanism, and a whole bunch of other "-isms" you've never even heard about.

Yeshua: The Living Torah



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